More About us

Our story

Where it all began.

I was first introduced to to the building trade at the age of seventeen, when my father and older brothers decided to build twin homes for rentals. Up to that point, I had no experience. Thanks to my dad and brothers help, I slowly began learning the trade, and began doing small jobs around Salt Lake. With a daughter on the way, I figured I better get serious, so I obtained my General Contractors license.

The next few years, with the help of a designer friend, we started remodeling condos in deer valley. That’s when I realized this could be a lucrative career. I’ve enjoyed working with many clients throughout the years, and am eternally grateful to all those who have helped me along the way.

  • Custom Tile Work
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Bathroom Remodels

What We Offer

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We understand requirements

We do things by the books! Following building codes is a priority. These codes ensure that your home will be a safe haven for you and your family for many years.

We work precisely

Someone once said (The devil is in the details), not really sure what to make of that statement, but we do like things to be plumb, level, and tight. It’s the trademark of a job well done.

We deliver unbeatable service

We here at full circle enjoy what we do, from meeting new friends in the business, to building great work relationships with our clients. Satisfied customers are our priority!

We provide the best service in industry

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Our expert team